A Perfectly Positive Partnership!

A Perfectly Positive Partnership!

A Perfectly Positive Partnership!

Positively MuskegonAt Muskegon Local, we like to put you in touch with the business and events that make Muskegon the special place it is!! We hunt for deals…we search out the cool things to do and we give local business an option to connect with residents and tourists a chance to save a buck or two on everything from carpet to pizza! We back it with strong social media presence and of course…your word of mouth is the best way ever to help spread the word!

Lately, we’ve been keeping an eye on Andy O’Riley and his new blog Positively Muskegon. “Oh great…another blog” you’re thinking. Well, it’s a little more than that. “Andy O” as he is affectionately known around town, does for Muskegon what almost no other media outlet is currently doing. Instead of spending time telling you the stories that really paint things in a negative light….or maybe even stories that won’t get told any other way. With his 25 plus years in broadcasting and limitless love of Muskegon Andy introduces you to the people who work to make a difference in spite of getting the recognition they deserve. The friends and neighbors that refuse to believe anything but great things about a community that is emerging from years of change.

From time to time you’ll see some of Andy’s interviews on here. He also shares our page on his blog so if you are ever there and looking for a deal, give us a click! Working together, we’ll prove to the rest of the world that while the slogan is “Watch us Go” there are those in town who do their part to “Make it Go”.


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