About Muskegon Local

Through several social outlets and by familiarizing West Michigan with the stories of Muskegon businesses, Muskegon local aims to redefine customer-business relationships and foster new growth in the Muskegon business community.

Online advertising is a cost-efficient way to relay your message to potential customers, allowing you to reach more of your audience and providing thoughtful and meaningful data on your marketing spend. Marketing campaigns help you to build a larger customer base and generate more revenue.

Consumers today are not only visiting the Internet for technology news and online shopping, but they are also using the Internet as a resource to educate themselves on products and services. New research from Kelsey Group and ConStat shows that 70% of U.S. adults use the Internet as an information source when shopping locally for products and services. Online advertising not only helps to drive Web site traffic, but it also impacts offline sales as it is a source for building brand awareness.

This is where Muskegon Local comes in. Founded in 2010, Muskegon Local is focused on giving our local vendors an inexpensive way to promote their businesses new or old. Muskegon Local also gives the local consumers a hot spot to find only Muskegon goods, and services from auto repairs to wedding photographers. Our dedicated staff is equipped with over 10 years of strategic marketing experience, website management and search engine optimization. Our website and social networking presence gives everyone in the Muskegon area the perfect website to discover what’s around them.

As a company our message is simple. We want people to shop and save locally, which in turn keeps our local businesses alive creating more jobs to stimulate our local economy. Shopping local plays an important role in keeping our local economy going strong and keeping our residents employed. Please take the time to browse through the website, and let us know your opinion of how we can improve it to meet your personal or professional needs. Thank you for taking the time to visit Muskegon Local!

What does Muskegon Local offer?

We offer 100% Local Business Promotion! Being business owners ourselves, we’ve been solicited to advertise “locally” from a company that’s out of town or even out of State! Why would you want to advertise from a company that doesn’t care about your business and is only worried about increasing their profit margins and commission checks? Next time you’re asked to advertise, ask them where their main office is located or ask them where they live. Even some local coupon magazines are ran from outside Muskegon County.

Muskegonlocal.com features include…

  • 100% Local Business Promotion
  • Front page custom Google map
  • Multiple Business Categories
  • Featured Business Listings
  • Lengthy business descriptions
  • 4-8 image Photo Gallery
  • Business Photoshoot (employees/store/products)
  • Business Coupons
  • Business Information (store hours, directions, website, facebook, twitter links)
  • Customized Google map listing
  • Business Articles (written by us or submitted by you)
  • Business Reviews (1-5 star ratings)
  • Customer comments (enabled or disabled)
  • Search Engine Optimization for your business
  • Keyword research, implementation and optimization
  • Social network marketing (Facebook, twitter, pinterest, etc)
  • Participate in our Contests and Giveaways to increase exposure and gain fans
  • Secret shopper articles